Hireman Consulting provides you fast-track placement of qualified and skilled permanent staff. Permanent staffing refers to hiring an employee directly on a long-term basis. Permanent staffing requires a higher degree of thorough search and screening process. Permanent staffing is of great importance in the human resource strategy of every company today. An organization that is equipped with quality and dedicated permanent staff has a greater chance of surviving and succeeding in the long run. Most companies prefer permanent staffing because of its uniqueness. It offers dedicated staff that can sustain and succeed even in challenging situations.
Job Security – A permanent job offers an individual the luxuries of job security and stability. Security at work provides improves and enhances the individual’s performance. The Company is obligated to provide them with more employment benefits and bonuses like health insurance, retirement plans, pay raises and holiday pay.

Job satisfaction – Companies providing permanent jobs understand the need of promoting higher levels of job satisfaction to improve workforce performance. Besides, employees holding permanent job positions have a higher ladder of earning potential than contractors.

Secure job reduces stress – Permanent employees have a more secure mindset. These employees are more likely to have higher money-saving tendencies than contract workers do. Contract workers do not receive the same rights as permanent workers in any organization. This may be due to the employment policy the company follows on contract employment

Advantages of permanent staffing to the company

  • Strengthens productivity and profitability of your company
  • Improves quality of your workforce
  • Fills key roles on your staff
  • Controls cost
  • Helps maintain trade confidentiality

The advantages that a permanent staffing can offer to employers, here are four key benefits:

Improves workforce loyalty and quality : A permanent position generates workforce loyalty. Workforce loyalty allows retention of the best skills. What company wouldn’t want to achieve this? Companies want to attract the best skills and they want to be envied by their competitors. By employing people permanently, they retain these skills.

Control budgets and profitability of your company : A contract workforce offers flexibility, which certainly has its advantages, but what it can’t offer is the kind of tight control over budgets enforced as a result of a worldwide economic downturn. Permanent roles appeal to those responsible for managing hiring spends. They mean that budgets can be accurately forecast, which is important in times of economic uncertainty.

Visa options for international candidates : For those seeking work within a country that requires a visa or work permit, options are increased where a permanent role is on offer. While this is less significant during a recession and during a time of high unemployment rates, the ability to source candidates from the global talent pool becomes over more important as projects gather speed and skills shortages need addressing.

Longer notice periods : The notice period for a contractor is typically a week. With permanent roles, notice during a probationary period may be a week, but this will usually increase to a month upon completion of the probationary period and can increase to three months – or up to a year – for the most senior roles. The obvious advantage in this instance is that companies have longer to find a replacement in the case that someone decides to move on.

By understanding how companies feel about different types of workers, you can begin to appreciate why their preferences can change to reflect different economic climates. If you’re being advised to consider a different type of work, it might be time to think about why – and consider how your own flexibility will help your long-term professional development.